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A person’s Instagram reach is a function of the type of content they put up. A dull page is not likely to get one any attention, and a vibrant page is apt to rake your followers in the thousands. What makes a person’s page impressive? The amount of pictures? The type of content? Or the niche in which a person carves out for himself? There are tips to make your page attractive and each of them are easy to under and undertake. Find out here, ways in which you can make your profile attractive to coming guests. 

What is on your Instagram profile

Your Instagram profile contains your profile picture, your “bio” (which is a short description of who you are and an idea of what your account would offer), your posts and posts you are tagged to. It also contains your highlights. In gaining followers and making your profile look attractive, each of these features are going to have to meticulously be worked on. Your posts however, are perhaps, the most pertinent of these.

Making your page attractive

To make your profile attractive, you have to do the following

  • Make sure your profile picture is eye-catching. Since Instagram is not like Twitter, where your reach can be expanded through retweets from other people, your profile picture is perhaps one big thing that would make people click to view your profile and then find out if you are worth following. If your profile picture is nice, you can get people to view your page from comment sections you commented in, or through recommendations
  • Make your highlights worth it. They are called highlights for a reason. They have to be thrilling
  • Post nice things that people can relate to or that people would like
  • Get tons of followers. You are apt to get more followers when people are following you already. It is an exponential function
  • Post likeable things. If your posts are not getting enough likes, there are sites where you can get likes from. Famoid likes is one place. You can buy likes from such sites and sort of “nudge” people to be more liberal with their likes on your posts.

Things to post

It was mentioned earlier that your posts are probable the most important thing about your page. This is especially true, seeing as Instagram is mainly a media sharing site and people come for visual stimulation. Here are a few things you can post to make your profile look interesting

  • Pictures of yourself

This makes your profile organic. It also gives your virtual personality a more authentic feel.

  • Your hobbies

Your hobbies are things you find interesting. Posting things you have passion for draws more people with those passions to your profile. You can meet a lot of like-minded individuals through these means.

  • Travel photos

Posting pictures of you traveling tells a story about the place you’ve been to other people who have not been there. In other words, travel content is always good.

  • Memes

These are apt to get you likes and attract people to your account.