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New Technology is Good News for Online Casino and Bingo Sites

Gambling has now paved its way into the fray, it has long been a hugely popular pastime, from football pools and horseracing to casino games and bingo.

Whether it’s 3D printing, drones, smart TVs, driverless cars or smartphones, you can bet that you’ve been impressed by it.

Technology are the forefront of our lives and are constantly all around us. It’s improving every aspect of our life and just about everybody is getting on board. Businesses are using it to expand their services and consumers are loving it.

Smartphones are a technical revolution that have changed our lives for the better, at the tip of your hands you can text, make voice and video calls, do all of your online shopping, book holidays, play your favourite games and whole host of other cool things.

Gambling has now paved its way into the fray, it has long been a hugely popular pastime, from football pools and horseracing to casino games and bingo.

With the advent of the smartphone and increasing use of the internet, casino operators are rolling out digital alternatives to bingo halls, highstreets bookmakers and land based casinos. There is of course a vast amount of exciting applications for smartphones as well as a number of great casino and bingo sites for internet users to enjoy.

This boom has also led to another sub industry of its own; online gambling affiliate marketing. Simply put these are sites that drive traffic to larger brands. An example of this would-be bingo affiliate

With affiliate marketing, the risk is minimised in the sense that the larger brands only pay when there is a return on investment, a kind of extended salesforce or warzone hacks.

Such apps and websites have had a real impact on the casino and bingo industry as well as offering some much-improved gameplay for users everywhere.

Developers were quick to embrace online gaming for desktop, quickly evolving into mobile based gaming. Casino and bingo bigwigs noted the hype and have since used the platform to turn around dwindling player numbers.

Nearly 90% of people in Britain are now online and with the convenience of mobile app stores and public Wi-Fi spots, more and more people are able to use their smartphone, tablet or computer to play their favourite casino game or surf their favourite bingo site.

From 2013 to 2014, revenue generated by mobile casinos on iPhones alone grew 55% in a market that was already worth £1.7 billion. The UK online casino market exceeded the £200 million mark in 2015 and is continuing to grow exponentially. And as the figures continue to grow, technology is only improving which is aiding even better gameplay, with the graphics, speed and range of games surpassing expectations regularly. The addition of chat rooms to several bingo sites and online casinos has also enhanced gameplay and allowed users from around the world to connect with others who hold similar interests and even play against them.

Smartphones, tablets and numerous public Wi-Fi aren’t the only advancements in technology that are delivering a much better user experience to casino and bingo fans but virtual reality is set to take the gambling world by storm. Virtual Technology is the latest trend among gaming fans and the developers of casino and bingo sites are to roll out it in their sites. It’s a concept that is finally ready and the big wigs are eager to get on board. It will offer a much more thrilling and exciting experience, whilst current casino and bingo games are great fun, it’s no secret that they can often hold a boring ambience, with VR, that will be no more. Player interactivity will be at an all time high and it’s very much possibly that thanks to VR, gambling will be the foundation of the gambling world.