Where to take pilot training in Bangladesh

Many people want to be a pilot because it is an interesting profession. However, it requires special skills. There are several institutes in Bangladesh for pilot training. Let’s find out about them in this article.

What are the steps to become a pilot?

Candidates have to pass the admission test and health test before taking training in any recognized academy.
At the end of the course, you have to take a written test in the respective academy.
Those who pass the written test are required to apply for a Student Pilot License in Civil Aviation for a direct flight.
Student Pilot License (SPL) is obtained after passing the Civil Aviation Authority Examination and CMB Health Examination.
Apply for a Private Pilot License (PPL) by obtaining a 40-50 hour flight certificate with SPL. Requires three months of theory classes and experience of flying from one district to another.
After gaining experience in theory classes and inter-district flight experience, it is necessary to participate in written and health examinations. If you pass it, you can get a private pilot’s license.

If you want to work as a pilot, you need a Commercial Pilot License (CPL). It is important to have 150 to 200 hours of flying experience to get this license. Besides, to pass the written and health examination. In addition, cross country flight experience and a three-month theory course certificate are required. You will have the opportunity to work as a pilot after completing the entire training.

Where to take pilot training?

Bangladesh Flying Academy
Founded in 1948, it is approved by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh (CAAB). They trained for 3 years to become pilots. Admission is twice a year (January and July or August).

Apart from flying, Bangladesh Flying Academy also arranges ground theoretical courses for the trainees. Candidates who pass the Higher Secondary class with a minimum GPA of 3 including Physics, Mathematics, and English are given the opportunity to sit for the examination for training. In addition, those who are studying in the undergraduate class can also participate in the aviation training exams.