Saptahik Chakrir Potrika

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Copywriter Details

A copywriter helps customers deliver quality, usefulness, and acceptance of a product or service through creative and engaging writing for business, advertising agency, or newspaper. For this, he writes the language of rhyme, slogan, or advertisement in simple language, which is used to promote the product or service. Where does a copywriter work? In large …

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AC Technician

AC Technician

Some technical measures have to be taken to control the temperature of a building. For example, good ventilation for ventilation. Or install an air conditioner if necessary. An AC technician is in charge of these tasks. What kind of work does an AC technician do?Assist in the installation of air conditioners and refrigerators;Check whether the …

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How to do an internship?

There was a time when an internship in our country basically meant hand-to-hand training of medical students in hospitals. This idea has changed over time. Many people now do internships before starting a full-time job. This can be a great opportunity to learn professional work if you are a student or a recent graduate. Let’s …

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