Lathe Technician

Lathe Technician Details

A lathe technician builds, modifies, or repairs various mechanical instruments on a lathe. Where does a lathe technician work? Instrument or parts manufacturer factory Lathe Operation Factory Power plant Car Manufacturer Factory Car repair factory etc. What does a lathe technician do?

Commercial driver

Commercial driver

A commercial driver or professional driver drives heavy vehicles of any type of government or private office or organization or factory, transport agency. The safety of life and property on the road depends on the skill of a professional driver. What kind of organization or industry does a professional driver work in? Military forces, various …

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Delivery Man

Delivery Man Job Details

A delivery man is primarily responsible for delivering a product or service directly to the customer. Currently, the expansion of internet-based shopping and home delivery services has created a huge demand for this profession in urban areas of the country. What kind of work does a delivery man do? Collecting parcels or packages from the …

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Rural Development Officer

Rural Development Officer

A Rural Development Officer works for the development of human resources, infrastructure, and quality of life in rural areas. Besides performing his duties regularly, he also supervises various projects. What kind of organization or industry does a rural development officer work in? There are job opportunities in the Bangladesh Rural Development Board as a Rural …

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health workers

Community health workers

Around 13,000 community clinics have been launched in Bangladesh under the project titled ‘Revitalization of Community Health Care Initiatives in Bangladesh’ with the aim of delivering health services at the grassroots level. Community health workers are relentlessly providing medical services to the rural population in these clinics. Where does a community health worker work? A …

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Program Officer

Program Officer Job Details

Usually, a program officer oversees various project implementation programs of development agencies. In which type of organization does a program officer work? NGOs (Non-Government Organizations) usually need more program officers. NGO is a non-profit non-governmental organization which works for the development of the country, society, and people. Their purpose is to assist the government in …

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