Rural Development Officer

A Rural Development Officer works for the development of human resources, infrastructure, and quality of life in rural areas. Besides performing his duties regularly, he also supervises various projects.

What kind of organization or industry does a rural development officer work in?

There are job opportunities in the Bangladesh Rural Development Board as a Rural Development Officer. In addition, there are job opportunities as development officers in numerous non-governmental organizations such as domestic and foreign NGOs, international donor agencies.

What kind of work does a rural development officer do?

Prepares reports on what to do for the development of the area in charge He went to the field level and made reports on the status of various ongoing projects Prepares reports on project implementation results and next steps Conduct various projects at the local level and provide necessary assistance to the external officers of the project Conducts various training and campaigns to increase the skills and awareness of the villagers Keep in touch with other local development partners Performs administrative and documentary duties of the office Arranges staff training

What are the educational qualifications of a rural development officer?

If you want to get a job in the Rural Development Board, you have to have a post-graduate degree in any subject or a post-graduate degree in 2nd class or a 4-year honors degree.

Preference is available for work in the private sector if you have a bachelor’s / master’s degree in social sciences, development studies, rural development studies, or economics.

Where will you study if you want to be a rural development officer?

Undergraduate/postgraduate degrees in social sciences, economics are awarded in almost all public universities of Bangladesh, colleges affiliated to national universities, and several private universities. Besides, there are opportunities to study Development Studies at Dhaka University, Jahangirnagar University, Khulna University, Chittagong University, Bangladesh University of Professionals (BUP), BRAC University, East-West University, Daffodil University.

What are the job fields and opportunities for a rural development officer?

Job opportunities in the Bangladesh Rural Development Board as a Rural Development Officer are maximum. The activities of Bangladesh Rural Development Board are spread in all districts and the Upazilas of Bangladesh. In addition to the Rural Development Board, the government has the opportunity to work as an officer in various partner rural development projects.

As Bangladesh is a developing country in the third world, there is a lot of work of local and foreign NGOs and international donors in Bangladesh. And all these non-governmental organizations are mainly focusing on education, health, and human resource development in rural areas. There are permanent job opportunities in BRAC, CARE, Jagrani Chakra, Proshika, and other local and foreign NGOs. There are also contract work opportunities in various projects of other international donor agencies including UNDP, JICA, USAID. However, in order to get job opportunities in these institutions, one has to be skilled and experienced in work as well as have a quality degree.

What can be the career of a rural development officer?

After joining the Rural Development Board as a Rural Development Officer, he was first promoted to the post of District Rural Development Officer / Deputy Director, Joint Director, Director and at the top of his career, he got the opportunity to become the Director-General of the Rural Development Board.

In addition, in the case of employment in the private sector, if there is work experience in a small-medium size organization at the beginning, then there is an opportunity to work in a large organization later. It is also possible to gradually move from rural development officer to senior officer, project manager, or more top level of the organization. However, the key to development in the private sector is to demonstrate one’s skills in the workplace.

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