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Ngo Job ‘Someone wants to be a doctor, someone wants to be an engineer, someone wants to be a businessman, someone wants to be a barrister. this is my ambition to be a vagabond.’ Many may have heard this song by Nachiketa.

But the ambition of wandering in today’s world is surely nothing more than a mad delusion. Parents do not have to spend money to educate their children. After a certain period of time, everyone has to choose a way to earn money. Many people want to grow up to be a doctor, someone, or an engineer. But in the present social system, there are more than just doctors and engineers

There are many respectable professions. One such profession is NGO work. Nowadays, many young people are choosing a job in an NGO as a profession after finishing their studies. This is a service profession. Many international NGOs are doing service work in Dhaka and the districts outside Dhaka. This is creating a lot of work, unemployment is decreasing. Many have the misconception that NGO workers mean working in a slum environment. But the idea is completely wrong. There is no rule that you have to go to the slum to work as an NGO worker.


At present, NGOs employ accountants, teachers of various trades, computer programmers, graphics designers, doctors, copywriters, reporters, program officers, business development officers, team leaders, project planners, project coordinators, and project directors. So, there is a big opportunity for you to work in an NGO. This requires some additional experience. In addition, international NGOs provide opportunities for their staff to work in different countries around the world according to their skills. As an NGO worker, you can take your career a long way with your skills in a short time. Your social acceptance will not decrease.

If you have decided that you will be a successful NGO worker in the future, then you have to build yourself in that way from now on, you have to save something in the store of knowledge. We also need to make some changes in our lives. In order to be a successful NGO worker, this article gives you an idea of ​​the things you need to know.

At one time, job security and value in NGOs were not so high. But over time, that is likely to change. So people don’t want to accept everything just by listening now. When conscious people met their eyes, they realized that NGO is a respectable profession. In addition to jobs, there are also opportunities for service work. In other words, the job here is a service. Moreover, NGOs are really challenging workplaces. However, the salary here is quite good. So job seekers started tending to build successful careers in NGOs.

Educational Qualifications

Everyone who has studied in science, arts, commerce, or any other faculty has a job in an NGO. However, it is relatively easy for those who have studied social sciences to get a job here. If you have a master’s degree in social welfare or social sciences, you can easily become a senior official of an NGO. Dargata in English is a personas point in the job field of an NGO.

Technical knowledge

In today’s age of information technology there is no alternative to computers. No matter where you work, you must have a basic knowledge of computers. Your knowledge and skills in computer MS Word, MS Excel, MS PowerPoint, knowledge of internet usage, email usage, etc. will help you a lot in getting a job in an NGO.

Some additional knowledge

If you want to be a successful NGO worker, you must have knowledge on some issues. Collect and know accurate information about various events happening in the world. NGOs work on certain issues. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. These include AIDS, natural disasters, community health, child labor, women’s rights, reproductive health, maternal and child health, unemployment, poverty alleviation, adolescent development activities, training programs in various trades, prevention of child marriage, etc. The more you have an idea about the above, the more you will move forward. And there is no alternative to the Internet to collect information on these issues. So visit different websites, keep yourself updated. And keep an eye on the newspaper.


When you are engaged in that profession, you have to focus on the things that suit your profession. If you are a media person, you can wear any type of clothing you want. But that is not acceptable in corporate offices again. Similarly, in the case of different types of jobs, the type of clothing or movement is different. NGO workers have to work with people from different walks of life. Working with NGOs is especially common with the poor and disadvantaged.

Focus on your Aim

So your dress, manners should be such that people can think of you as a friend. No behavior can be done that makes the difference in social position between them and you obvious. Always remember that the disadvantaged people of the society will want to see you as a role model. They will learn by watching you. So you have to have a friendly, smiling attitude. You can grow up on screen. But think of yourself as an ordinary office worker. Try to be self-reliant. Quit if you have a habit of smoking. Many NGOs have written in their recruitment notices that smokers do not need to apply. Try to be aware of the time. Make it a habit to solve tasks on time. Try to maintain transparency in the office and in personal life.

Recently, several organizations have been organizing various workshops for NGO workers. So keep an eye on the media and try to expand your knowledge by participating in various workshops.

By focusing on the issues discussed in this article, you can use your interest and acquired knowledge to move forward as an NGO worker. NGO worker means you have engaged yourself in social work; Rich or poor — all people are your friends. People will learn from you by thinking of you as a role model. Establish this within yourself.

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