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The best dating sites of 2022

Finding a partner, a companion to go to the cinema, for dinner… to let oneself go on the sofa without doing anything, to share a house, a dog, or maybe even a life. Does it sound very romantic? Actually, this kind of thinking is more common than it may seem.

Human beings, by their very nature, are social beings. Therefore, they seek connection, bonding, companionship…

What happens is that it is not always so easy to dedicate oneself to this endeavour that is the search for the ideal partner. Whether due to atypical situations such as the Covid19 pandemic, which has an impact on the lives of the entire world population, or even due to particular personal factors such as shyness, lack of an active social life or lack of time, among others.

And this is precisely where the Internet plays an important role, as one of its main tasks is to bring people together and strengthen relationships. Therefore, for those who feel lonely, or even for those who are fine in their loneliness, but would like to find a partner, there are countless portals through which one can find that special person.

According to each profile and demand, there is something for all tastes and colours. With both free and paid services. Sounds confusing? No problem, thinking about it, Skokka together with the hottest escorts and call girls in Indore will delve into the subject and tell more about the best dating sites available on the web.


With a volume of 30 billion matches up to now, Tinder is probably the most popular free dating app, which makes it a great place to meet new people.

The app is simple and easy to use. Essentially, there is the option to swipe left (when disliking the profile) or right (when liking) and then, if both like each other and the famous “match” has taken place, people move on to the chat option. The app is free, but to have additional features such as searching for someone in another city or country, applying more research filters, etc., it is necessary to pay a bit and become a subscriber.


Skokka is a highly reliable dating portal, present in 26 countries. Wherever one is, they can find local singles to meet and hang out with. By visiting Skokka, one can get in touch with people from all over the world that they are interested in getting to know better, or just have a crazy sexual night out, like the hot Glasgow escort girls.


POF (Plenty of Fish) is a platform with over 150 million users. One of the unique things about this app is its filters, which allow users to put in their personal tastes, their degree of affinity and what they are looking for in an ideal partner. They can even choose the salary range of the ideal candidate they are aiming to meet.


Imagine walking down the street and seeing an interesting person… it would be great to be able to match with them, right? Well, the premise of the Happn app is exactly that, to show the profiles of the people that are on the street. Then you just have to pray for the person to be single and available on the app for the match to happen.

Facebook Dating

Naturally, since 2019 the social networking giant has also decided to include the option of dating. Unlike tinder, it is not necessary to swipe right or left, it is enough to create the profile with the information and preferences of the person and automatically it presents the list of users who are also connected to this function.


This app was created in 2014 and gives some prominence to women. In a strong empowerment move, the app only allows women to initiate contact with the other person. In other words, it is the woman who has to take the first step and send the message after the match is made. Bumble is also in charge of Badoo, another dating app.


The app is the giant of the gay male audience, and very famous in the gay, bi, trans and queer communities. In addition to the traditional location and like-minded search tools, Grindr offers a “tribe” search filter that refers to groups in the LGBTQI+ community that are configured by physical, emotional, racial and other types of appearance. Members of the “Bear” tribe, for example, tend to have characteristics such as a lot of hair and a certain body mass, while the “Barbies” tribe, corresponds to those who like to pose around, opt for tight-fitting clothes, among other things.

Meetic In terms of profile creation and operation, Meetic is similar to other applications on the market. However, although registration on the site is free, in order to access most of the features, users must subscribe to their service. Considered one of the most reliable dating websites in Europe, Meetic also offers other attractions, such as monthly events organised by the platform in bars and restaurants, or even workshops, all aimed at the public who use the portal, although on more than one occasion attendees of such events also resort to the services of exotic escorts in Gurgaon who advertise on Skokka so as not to feel so vulnerable during the evening. This way, in case they don’t manage to meet their better half, they know that they can still enjoy themselves during and after the party.