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Let’s break Covid-19 with CBD Alternatives

Coronavirus is spreading at a tremendous rate, and it is fatal. Last year, we lost many lives to the virus, and several types of research were conducted to find a cure. However, according to the new study, Cannabidiol is an active ingredient in Cannabis that can help block the infection due to Covid-19. 

Although there are speculations around CBD being an efficient treatment for Covid, more concrete research needs to be done. The Food and Drug Administration is yet to approve the stuff. If you want to buy high-quality CBD products, you can definitely rely on cbdMd.

CBD is not a substitute.

One of the most important things individuals need to notice is that CBD isn’t any substitute for fighting against Covid-19. Some vaccines can be helpful, and these can help cure seizure disorders, but it is necessary to determine how the low-potency stuff will be helpful. 

CBD can be an alternative tool for fighting against the virus. A research team at the University of Chicago had used the compound in an excellent study. While the animal study proves to be effective, a human concrete survey will help to determine if the CBD alternatives can help treat the virus. 

CBD and Covid-19

CBD can heal some of the deadliest diseases worldwide, and Covid-19 may be one of them. Covid-19 has led to millions of deaths and caused an economic collapse in recent years. It affects your respiratory system, making it challenging for you to breathe and fatal. 

CBD and the Cytokine Storm of Covid-19

People suffering from Covid-19 are likely to suffer from a respiratory problem known as Cytokine Storm. In the case of a Cytokine Storm, the patient’s body will observe an abnormal increase in the number of proinflammatory cytokines. Due to this, the inflammation in your body will increase. 

Covid-19 patients are likely to suffer from this as it can scar the lung tissues and cause difficulty in breathing. The substance that can stop Cytokine Storm will also be beneficial for preventing lung fibrosis by stopping the inflammation. This will help to ease the symptoms of Covid-19 in the patient. 

Cannabis Sativa is one of the most prominent types of Cannabis that is known to reduce Cytokine Storm. Cannabis Sativa targets the two cytokines- IL-6 and TNFa and reduces them to block the Cytokine Storm due to Covid-19. Therefore, it also helps to reduce inflammation and fibrosis. 

Various studies support cannabis’ fighting properties for Cytokine Storm.

Numerous studies suggest CBD has the potential to fight Cytokine Storm and treat it. A 2020 study conducted on mice suggested that CBD helps to reduce the number of proinflammatory cytokines in them. The clinical symptoms of the mice on which the test was conducted shared the same symptoms as Covid-19. Therefore, there are possibilities that it can be effective for humans.

Should Covid-19 patients inhale cannabis smoke? 

Smoking cannabis flower is one of the most commonly used substances, and this can prove to be a therapeutic compound. However, several types of research surround Cannabis, especially CBD oil. 

CBD oil can be used for nasal sprays, vaping, ingestion, and topical application. Sometimes the delivery mechanism will not involve the lungs, preventing the risk of harmful smoke inhalation. 

CBD Can Trigger The Host Stress Response.

Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD does not make you high, and it is different from the psychoactive ingredients of marijuana. CBD binds with varying receptors in your body. Therefore, it has several health benefits. Different CBD products are available in the market, such as tinctures, oils, creams, lotions, and more. These can be used for edible purposes or topical applications. 

A study conducted cancer compound research to determine the host response to stress. This helps to improve immune response. However, there is no target for a particular pathogen. CBD can put the cells in a defensive stage, which can further be used to release protective chemicals. It also helps to replicate the virus. Although it has so many benefits, there is minimal research to determine the impact. 

CBD is a highly efficient ingredient that helps trigger the host stress response, and it helps to ensure that the cells fight back. One of the studies found that CBD-dosed cells have better efficiency for fighting against infection and are also very efficient for determining the impact over beta, gamma, and alpha. 

In the study, it was found that CBD can help stop the replication of the Covid-19 virus. It can be efficient for up to 15 hours for the infection. However, if administered in the early stages, the impact would be far better.

Does CBD help in boosting immunity? 

One of the main reasons doctors often prescribe CBD is because it helps boost the immune system. Cannabidiolic acid, THC, and cannabidivarin can be helpful as it has antiviral characteristics. However, one of the most important things to note is that smoking pot will not help treat your condition. Rather than curing Covid-19, it will significantly lead to lung damage if you are affected by the virus. 

Moreover, CBD may have an additional impact. In the infected cells, CBD helps to trigger a protective process that is known to be an unfolded protein response. It helps to manage the cells that may be helpful during stress. The unfolded protein response helps to overcome any negative impact. It also helps trigger the interferons that the immunity system compound can use. It further protects against viral replication within the cells, preventing the infection from spreading. 

More research needs to be done on humans.

To determine the positive impact of CBD on Covid-19, individuals need to do more research. Preclinical data can be helpful, and different teams have conducted further research only to observe similar findings. However, it is necessary to note that CBD is non-toxic and can prove to be safe. 

CBD can play an essential role in reducing the severity of infection due to Covid-19. However, one will need a huge sample size to prove the effect, which could put humans at risk. Researchers may soon be able to conduct a clinical trial to determine the impact, which will help find alternative cures to the condition. The researchers also need considerable funding and sponsorship, apart from the sample size. If the governments of respective countries help these individuals, things can improve. 

Final Thoughts

While CBD is highly effective, you need to know that it does not affect you. CBD will be one of the most potent ways to protect your body. If you consider that absorbing CBD via smoking will be helpful, it will not. You will only get THC, which will make you high, and it will not provide you the health benefits. THC does not have an impact on curing Covid-19. Nonetheless, the use of CBD can help to prevent virus replication.