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10 Top Tips To Reduce Wedding Planning Stress and Anxiety?

A wedding, a magical and special moment in a couples life. A moment that they can regularly look back on with fond memories. You will be amazed, however, the sheer amount of brides that find the organizing and planning of a wedding filling them with much stress and dread. 

When looked back upon, the memory of their wedding is not just filled with laughter, dancing and joy. Instead, those feelings of anxiety that it developed and harvested throughout the entire planning duration often rise to the surface. 

Within this article we aim to help brides to be by sharing our top tips on how you can reduce wedding day stress. Keep reading to discover how to reduce your wedding stress and anxiety today. 

What causes wedding day stress? 

If you yourself are planning a wedding and are finding yourself experiencing an abnormal amount of stress, then you may question whether, is it normal to be stressed before a wedding?

Even for the most calmest of brides, or those couples who have magically found themselves thoroughly organising everything down to a t, stress can magically creep up when you least expect it. 

But what causes wedding day stress?  Most commonly experienced by those who are prone to witnessing stress in their daily lives, this anxiety can flare up through the organisation of such a large event.  

From the booking of the venue, researching of live wedding bands for hire to the choosing of the dress, all in line with a dwindling budget. You can be excused from experiencing the rise of anxiety and stress from time to time.

Managing how to control these emotions is key and can help you to instead focus on the more important things, such as enjoying your wedding day. 

How to reduce wedding day stress?

Here are our top tips for reducing wedding day stress and calming any anxiety that you may experience on your big day. Regardless of how calm you are, follow our simple advice and have an amazing wedding day that you can look back on for years to come. 

1- Be Decisive

Our first top tip for reducing wedding day stress and that is to be decisive. Simple to incorporate even in the early stages of wedding planning, by being decisive you can avoid future stress from arising in the future. This action can be incorporated into the planning of the day. From the flowers that you choose, the invitations that you send out to even the food menu that you choose to serve guests. Once you have all the details in front of you, make a firm, decisive decision before you can move onto the next task at hand. 

2- Avoid Comparison

One of the biggest culprits in creating wedding day stress and that is through brides comparing their choices to that of other couples. All weddings are unique and come in an array of styles and budgets. There is no point comparing your wedding and viewing differences as failures. Cherish those unique touches and the final decisions made, they are true to you and your relationship and offer a more magical touch than false exteriors.

3- Anticipate Any Anxiety

To fully prepare and take those necessary steps to avoid wedding day stress, it is recommended that you take the time to anticipate any anxiety and where these emotions may arise. 

By finding and highlighting those areas that when planning could cause panic, you can work your way around it. By either asking people to contribute, or perhaps assigning the task to a helping hand, you can be sure that you minimise the amount of anxiety and stress that you experience. 

4. Take Time Out Of Planning

Although when planning your wedding you may want to spend every waking second on organising your big day. This habit can be a culprit in the stress and anxiety that you experience. To help minimise any stress that you experience, take the time out to practise self care. Whether a few days a week, to evenings spent soaking in hot bubble baths, self care and down time is vital to your mental health.

5- Create A Realistic Budget

A huge factor in the planning and organising of a wedding and that is the available budget. To help minimise any stress from emerging in the future, taking the time to thoroughly review your budget can help reduce stress from occurring in the future. 

It is inevitable that budgets will be exceeded or pushed close to breaking point, but by having a clear image of how far your budget can go, you can remain in control of the wedding planning at all times. This added insight can allow you to book and pay for services that you can actually afford. 

6- Make Things Easy For Guests

Another cause of unnecessary stress for brides and that is, the guests asking unnecessary questions before the big day. From the asking of what time the ceremony starts a few days before the wedding, to the last minute desire to bring a plus one, these can all contribute to the rise in stress levels. Send out clear and detailed information regarding the wedding day. When communicating with guests, try to predict any questions that they may have and try to answer them. This can prevent these pesky questions from arising in the future

7- Plan As If You Are Getting Married A Month In Advance

Another fantastic tip recommended by brides to be, for reducing wedding day stress and that is to plan as if you are getting married a month in advance. This simple and effective tip will ensure that all the wedding planning is completed, with ample time to look for flaws that need to be repaired. Allowing you to get ahead on the wedding planning, by getting ahead, you are also assigning time to focus on yourself with some much needed pre-wedding pampering. 

8- Let Go Of The Minor Details

Sometimes when planning such a large event, things don’t always go as planned. A key to being vigilant and batting away those unnecessary stresses that might arise and that is to not get hung up on the minor details. While you have spent much time planning what you hope is to be an incredible wedding, sometimes things don’t always go as planned. By letting go of the minor details before anxiety can rise and reminding yourself that the smaller changes and compromises are not going to ruin your wedding day. A simple motto, reminding yourself of the bigger picture can ensure that you have a magical wedding day. 

9- Enjoy Your Wedding

You have organised this spectacular wedding day and have brought together all your family and friends, the final task to complete is making sure that you enjoy your wedding. What may seem obvious is surprisingly overlooked. The wedding is a ceremony that joins two individuals together, while allowing loved ones to celebrate the union of the married couple. Taking a step back whether during the wedding planning or on the big day to appreciate not only that you created this, but that this celebration is for you. 

10- Two People Can Plan A Wedding

Our final top tip for how to reduce wedding day stress and that is for the couple to share tasks and work together as a team to organize the wedding. A day focused on the couple, with each person contributing to the planning and organizing of the day, you can remove any burdens that are currently sitting only on one person’s shoulders and instead split it equally. With an endless to-do list, split it in half and prioritize, coming together to discover the opinion of the partner for valued input.


A daunting and often overwhelming time for many couples, splitting the load and working together to plan a mesmerizing wedding day is key for not just success, but also reduced stress and anxiety levels.

We recommend first pinpointing what areas are creating these higher levels of stress before following our recommended tips to banish anxiety from your wedding. 

By minimising stress and planning ahead of the big day, you can put some essential time aside for self care. Allowing you to be your best self on your wedding day.