BCS Fisheries: Upazila Fisheries Officer

The role of fish and fish food in meeting the domestic demand for meat is immense. The fisheries cadres of the country are working to meet the nutritional needs of the people by making that fish more easily available and affordable. They work to innovate improved fish breeds, control fish plague, encourage fish farming, and provide technical training to fish farmers. The Government of Bangladesh conducts and develops various projects by officers who have passed the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination as cadres.

Experience: No prior experience required. After passing BCS Fisheries Cadre, 2 months basic training is given at the Bangladesh Institute of Administration and Management (BIAM) or Rural Development Academy (RDA) Bogra. Besides, after joining the civil service, numerous training was arranged for BCS cadres at home and abroad.

Salary Limit: The basic salary as per the ninth grade of the National Salary Scale is ৮ 18,000 – ৳ 22,500. Depending on the place of work, the initial monthly salary including house rent and other allowances is 632,000 – ৳ 36,000.

Age limit: Must be between 21-32 years of age on the date mentioned in the notification

Key Skills: Knowledge of fisheries and fisheries, knowledge of fisheries and epidemiology, rapid diagnosis and cure

Special Skills: Proficiency in using instruments used for diagnosing fish species

What kind of organization does a fisheries cadre work for?

Department of Fisheries

Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI)

· District Fisheries Officer, Upazila Fisheries Officer

Bangladesh Fisheries Development Corporation

· All government fish farms

What kind of work does a fisheries cadre do?

Fisheries research and development. Provide training to fish farmers. Hatchery and pollen production. To produce fry and table size fish. To produce pearls. To produce crabs. To produce fish food.

What are the steps of the BCS exam?

In the beginning, there is a preliminary test where 200 multiple-choice questions are tested. After passing this step, written test number 900 is held. Of the 900 numbers, 200 are allocated to the Fisheries Division. Candidates who get 50% marks in the written test are considered eligible for viva.

What are the areas and opportunities for the cause of a fisheries cadre?

A large number of fisheries cadres are recruited every year for projects implemented under the Ministry of Fisheries and Livestock at the Union, Upazila and District level of Bangladesh. The government is also undertaking new projects to develop the country’s valuable fishery resources and to expand its market worldwide. Therefore, the field of work and opportunities for fisheries are increasing day by day.

What is the monthly income of a fishery cadre?

According to the ninth grade of the national salary scale, the basic salary is ৮ 18,000 – ৳ 22,500. Depending on the place of work, the initial monthly salary including house rent and other allowances is 632,000 – ৳ 36,000. If not promoted, the maximum salary of this grade is ৳ 53060.

What can be the career of a fisheries cadre?

The demand for fisheries cadres in the government sector is increasing day by day. There are also opportunities to work as fisheries cadres in various projects in private organizations such as the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee (BRAC), Proshika Humanitarian Development Center, etc. Is working. They also have extensive employment opportunities in private fish farms, hatcheries, fish food manufacturing companies, and fish processing industries.

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