BCS Food: Assistant Food Controller

What kind of work does a BCS food cadre do?

The main function of an Assistant Food Controller is to assist the District Food Controller. The District Food Controller’s Office conducts various activities of the Food Department such as a collection of paddy-wheat, construction, and storage of paddy-wheat storage, sale of various food items at affordable prices in the OMS sector, keeping food prices at a tolerable level. The Assistant Food Controller assists the District Food Controller in implementing these projects.

The assistant maintenance engineer performs the necessary mechanical functions of the wheat silo, fixing any problems with the silo parts.

What are the educational qualifications of a BCS food cadre?

If you have a degree in any subject for a period of 4 years from a recognized institution after passing the Higher Secondary or equivalent examination, you are considered eligible for the post of Assistant Food Controller. However, if there is more than one third department in any stage of education (secondary, higher secondary, undergraduate), it will be considered ineligible.

What skills and knowledge do a BCS food cadre need to have?

A BCS food cadre must know about the functions of the food department.

The Food Department needs to have knowledge about various projects such as procurement of paddy and wheat, sale of products at affordable prices, storage of food items. As a government employee, one must have the ability to negotiate with various organizations and must have the ability to lead a subordinate team in any project or official work. As a government official, one must have a service-mindedness and be able to act at any time in an emergency.

In addition to acquiring that knowledge and skills, a food department engineer must have knowledge about the operation of various parts of the food warehouse and have the ability to solve any problem with the parts.

Where will you study if you want to be a BCS food cadre (engineering)?

If you want to be an assistant maintenance engineer, you have to have a BSc engineering degree in mechanical engineering. Bangladesh University of Engineering (BUET), Khulna University of Engineering and Technology (KUET), Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology (RUET), Chittagong University of Engineering and Technology (CUET), Islamic University of Technology (IUT), Ahsanullah University of Science and Technology (AUST) , International University of Business, Agriculture and Technology (IUBAT), BSc degree in Mechanical Engineering from Sonargaon University.

What are the job fields and opportunities of a BCS food cadre?

The work area of ​​the Food Department is spread all over the country. There is an office of food controller in every Upazila of the country. An assistant food regulator only gets positions in ‘A’ grade districts. There are 6 silos under the Food Department. The government has taken initiative to build 3 more rice silos. The government has planned to shift the post of Upazila Food Controller from non-cadre to cadre post. If this plan is implemented, the job opportunities as BCS food cadre will increase

What can be the career of a BCS food cadre?

Early in his career, an assistant food controller worked under the district food controller. He was then promoted to the post of District Food Controller, Regional Food Controller (Deputy Director), Director, Additional Director General and at the top of his career, the opportunity to become the Director General of the Food Department. This is a post equivalent to Additional Secretary.

An Assistant Defense Engineer also got promoted and gradually became the Chief Engineer and he also got the opportunity to become the Director, Additional-Director General, and Director-General of the Food Department.