BCS Audit and Accounts: Assistant Auditor General

In Bangladesh, BCS audit and accounting cadre officers are employed to audit the economic activities including the annual income and expenditure accounts of various government institutions. They work to ensure that there are no irregularities or abnormalities in tax collection and annual income and expenditure.

What kind of work do an officer assigned to the BCS audit and accounting cadre do?

Input regular monthly accounts into office records or data storage;
To fix if any of the senior officials are aware of the problem of keeping accounts;
To ensure that the income-expenditure account of the government institution is correct;
If there is any outstanding pension or any other type of account payment, it should be paid on time in consultation with the senior officers and to ensure that all the accounts are correct before the audit;
To pay monthly salary and other accounts of subordinate employees and officers. As well as taking care of their other benefits, including optional leave;
Supervise the field level work and data collection of the organization;
To recommend an increase in the annual salary of subordinate employees;
Assist the Auditor General and the Comptroller and his office officials in collecting, controlling, and subsequently auditing the accounts of all the institutions under its purview;
Keep track of the overall income and expenditure of the organization;
To perform the work of supporting the party in accordance with the appropriate rules of the organization in the audit or audit work of the organization.
What is the procedure for recruitment in BCS audit and accounting cadre?
In case of hiring in Audit and Accounts Service –

Must have passed BCS Preliminary Examination (Exam No. 200);
Must sit for BCS written test (test number 900);
You have to get good results in a direct oral examination (200 marks test).
Note that the final result after the oral examination depends on which cadre a candidate has got or is considered for a non-cadre job, depending on the cadre of your choice.

What is the monthly income of an officer recruited in BCS audit and accounting cadre?
According to the 9th pay scale, the salary of an Assistant Chief Accounting Officer is Rs. 22,000 per month. In addition, there may be some additional monthly honorarium allocation depending on the responsibilities or work assigned by the Directorate.

What can be the career of an officer recruited in BCS audit and accounting cadre?
Your career as an Assistant Chief Accounting Officer will begin. Usually,
the career steps are –

Assistant Chief Accounting Officer / Upazila Accounting Officer / Audit and Accounts Officer / Programmer
Deputy Chief Accounting Officer / District Accounting Officer / Sub-Divisional Accounting Officer / Deputy Comptroller General of Accounts / Systems Analyst
Chief Accounting Officer / Divisional Accounting Officer / Additional Comptroller General of Accounts / Senior Systems Analyst
Comptroller General of Accounts
In the case of the Office of the Auditor-General and the Comptroller, the promotion format is slightly different. It is possible to be promoted from Audit and Accounts cadre to Deputy Secretary to the rank of Secretary.

Note that, like any other government job, your promotion in this sector will depend on the number of vacancies, government decisions, and work performance.

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