BCS Family Planning: Assistant Director

The role and work of the Department of Family Planning is very important in the case of Bangladesh as it is a populous country. The Government of Bangladesh has set up a separate family planning cadre for the smooth execution of family planning work. In this case, starting from the village level to the departmental and central level, the officers of this cadre do important work like formulation and implementation of family planning.

What kind of work does an assistant director usually do?

  1. To formulate and assist family planning at the village, union, district, and divisional level.
  2. To complete the work of preparation of annual family plan if employed in the Department of Family Planning.
  3. In the case of the Department of Family Planning, perform the necessary work of the unit in which you will be assigned. For example, in the case of the Director General’s office, important decisions and plans have to be made or the Director-General has to assist in the work by fulfilling the responsibilities assigned to the Assistant Director in the office. Again in the case of the finance unit you have to complete the work of collecting and providing the funds required for the implementation of the budget, annual expenditure, and plans and projects of the department.
  4. You will need to provide the necessary approvals and overall care to your subordinates to resolve other issues, including honorarium, optional leave, and facilities.
  5. In order to create awareness about family planning, necessary meetings, conferences, conferences, trainings, etc. have to be planned and implemented through coordination with the rest of the organization.

. In order to establish successful family planning activities, decisions have to be made on the basis of the number of households in the area of ​​responsibility, household population, and other statistics according to which the subordinate employees work. In some cases, some temporary projects may be created in this case.

. In order to make citizens aware of family planning, textbooks of the country, and distribution of necessary information among school-college and university students have to be completed.

What kind of skills and knowledge does an assistant director need to have?

  1. It is important to be honest, mentally strong and prudent in performing the duties of an assistant director.
  2. If you want to create awareness among both uneducated and educated citizens across the country, including at the village level, you need to have sufficient skills in communication coordination and management.
  3. It is important to have important skills and knowledge about statistics and research.
  4. Must be as efficient and frugal as possible in performing work within budget.
  5. Subordinate employees must have the ability to be tactful in monitoring.

. It is important to be creative in planning a project that will bring success.

What can an assistant director’s career look like?

There is a government-mandated hierarchy for an assistant director to advance his career. If you are an Assistant Director then your career will move forward according to the prescribed hierarchy –

  • Assistant Director
  • Deputy Director
  • Director

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