BCS Forestry: Assistant Forest Conservator

The Department of Forests is a government agency under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change of the Government of Bangladesh responsible for the conservation and conservation of forests and wildlife in Bangladesh. The Government of Bangladesh employs various responsible personnel for the proper protection of forests and wildlife. The Government of Bangladesh conducts and develops various projects by the forestry cadre who have passed the Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) examination as a cadre in this science-based profession.

What kind of organization does a forestry cadre work for?

Department of Forests Bangladesh Forest Research Institute (BFRI) District Forest Officer, Upazila Forest Officer Bangladesh Forest Development Corporation.

What kind of work does a forestry cadre do?

The Department of Forests is engaged in biodiversity and watershed management and conservation work along with forest resource development management. To enforce various laws and regulations along with the protection and management of forest resources and wildlife as the custodian of government forests. Provide support to meet the basic needs of present and future generations through sustainable forest management. To increase the role of forests in the country’s environment and economic development through poverty alleviation and people-oriented afforestation activities by creating forest-based employment opportunities. Maintenance of remaining natural habitats and restoration of degraded forests for the conservation of biodiversity.

Ensure partnership based forest management. Expansion of horizontal tree cover through rapid growth and public orientation of high yielding species in government marginal, newly awakened lands, khas lands, and unclassified forests.
Provide support and encouragement to afforestation at public and private levels. Provide technical advice and assistance on afforestation and agroforestry.
Assist in the implementation of conventions, treaties, and protocols signed by the government for international efforts to control global warming, prevent desertification, forests, wildlife, biodiversity, and the environment.
Restoring degraded forests and abandoned lands with the participation of the people.

What are the steps of the BCS exam?

In the beginning, there is a preliminary test where 200 multiple-choice questions are tested. After passing this step, written test number 900 is held. Out of 900 numbers, 200 numbers are allotted to the Fisheries Department. Candidates who get 50% marks in the written test are considered eligible for viva. What are the job fields and opportunities of a forestry cadre? A large number of forestry cadres are recruited every year in the projects implemented under the Ministry of Environment, Forests and Climate Change at the Upazila, district, and divisional levels of Bangladesh. The government has also taken various initiatives to protect the balanced environment and develop forest resources for the country and the people by undertaking new projects and the field and opportunities of forestry work are increasing day by day globally.

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