Garments, textile jobs in Bangladesh

Garments Jobs One of the biggest sectors in our country is the garment or garment industry. The manufacturing process of this industry is quite complex and wide range. Each department works on each step of making the garment. Learn about the various sections of the garment industry from this article.

Sample section:

Sample made for buyer test. to choice buyer.

Cutting department:

Quality inspection is checked by the quality inspector. Marking is done on the fabric. In this case the help of the machine may be taken. Yet many are still marking chalk in the old fashioned way.

Sewing or sewing section:

Cloth sewing in buyer instruction.

Finishing department:

Detection of sewing fabrics is a finding. Defective clothing is discarded. The clothes are ironed. Sorted by fold. The Quality Control Officer checks the quality of the clothing.


Garments store are big. In this case, it is very important to keep accurate accounts of the garments produced. Cloth are store in store. Note that the garment industry also has a maintenance department for the maintenance of all appliances.

Want to get into the merchandising profession??

Professional training in a timely subject helps a lot to build a good career. One such effective training course in career formation is Garments Buying and Merchandising. The textile industry of our country is famous all over the world. The number of institutions in this sector is not less in our country. Therefore, it would be beneficial to build a good career by taking the necessary training in this regard.

Career prospects worldwide Not only in the country but due to the huge demand of the garment industry in the current world market, it is a bit easier to get a job in this profession than in all other professions. These professionals have employment opportunities in different countries.

Why learn in Garments Jobs, what to learn When it comes to hiring,

The demand for staff with real experience is always high. This profession of profession depends entirely on real work. So it is difficult to get a job without the necessary training in this sector. These trainings are always hard. These include Export, Import, Buying Policy, Indenting, Bank, Customs, DEDO, EPB, Shipping, LC, Documentation, Correspondence, GSP, Quota, Total Garment Production (Oven, Knit, Sweater), Quality Contracts, Quality Contracts, Lab Testing, Costing, Merchandising, Production Planning, Marketing, Email, Internet and other related topics for Garments Jobs.

Where to take training:

 In recent times, many institutions have sprung up in our country to provide training in the garment industry. Among these, the National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), under the National University, has introduced various term certificates and diploma courses, including honors, MBAs, for higher degrees in fashion and merchandising. NIFT has the privilege of providing scholarships to the poor, the talented, the freedom fighters, the players, the disabled, the quota. Garments Jobs update.

Where to get what kind of job:

There are more than ten thousand garment factories in Bangladesh. This profession needs to expert. Apart from this, there are also Buying House, Sweater Factory, Textile Industry and Quality Control Institute, and Fashion Design House. There are job opportunities in these companies if you have training in Garments, Buying, and Merchandising. In General Manager, Merchandising, Production Manager, Floor Incharge, Quality Coordinator, Quality Inspector, Technical Director, Commercial Manager, Assistant Production Manager, Quality Control Manager. Salaries ranging from Tk 10,000 to Tk 50,000 are available for these posts. However, the salary increases rapidly on the basis of performance. So inside a couple of long stretches of the activity, the pay can be increased a few times, In addition, there is the benefit of overtime income and clothing.

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