Textile Engineer

A textile engineer is responsible for the design, management, and development of the materials required to make fabrics and garments. In the context of our country, there is a lot of demand for this profession.

What are the qualifications of a textile engineer?

Educational Qualifications: Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree in Textile Engineering can apply for the job. However, it may be important for employers to have previous experience and a degree from a specific university (e.g., BSc in Textile Engineering from Bangladesh Textile University).

Age: The age limit is determined by the organization. You must be at least 25 years old.

Experience: Experienced people are predominant in this profession. Usually, 1-2 years of experience comes in handy.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a textile engineer need to have?

Good idea about the overall process of making clothes and apparel;
Technical knowledge about different types of fabric;
Proficiency in operating the machinery required for the production of cloth and apparel;
Concepts related to the business aspect of making clothes and apparel;
Analytical ability, which can help in observing the nuances;
Having the mentality to work in a factory;
Problem-solving skills, which are essential in handling complex factory work;
Communication skills, which will be useful in dealing with bargaining or negative situations.
Where to study textile engineering?
At present, there are arrangements for taking diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate degrees in textile engineering in various government and non-government institutions in Bangladesh. So far Bangladesh University of Textiles (BUTEX) is considered the best institution.

What can career as a textile engineer look like?

Usually, your career will start directly as an engineer or assistant engineer. It is normal to take 2-3 years for promotion. If the work is good, at one time you can be promoted to plant manager, executive director, or even country manager. In that case, the monthly income also increases significantly.

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