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The top ten tips to play checkers online

If one is bored at home, and wants something fun for once in a while: one can start to play checkers online. It is one of the modern ways to have fun whenever boredom strokes. Not only for boredom: if one starts to play checkers online, but it will also make one wise and strategic, which is essential in real life too. Checkers is a game that has been played for many years. It was popular even before the web. But the only downfall was that one couldn’t play it with anyone. 

But with the help of the internet, one can play checkers online and literally compete with anyone in the world. This feature was game-changing for checkers, which boosted its popularity even more. Many players or people who want to play checkers online have started to create their accounts and enjoy playing it with people from different countries. If one is among them, here are some tips one can use while one starts to play checkers online. 

Know the checkers rules thoroughly

No one can ever be good if one doesn’t know the basic rules. Therefore, as the first tip, one goes through all the rules before one starts to play checkers online. One doesn’t need to buy any manual or handbook for the rules: one can go through the website through, which one will play the checkers. These days, all the websites have rules written in blogs and articles so that the users won’t need to leave the website. One can utilize this and go through all the rules, and get started. 

One can utilize the internet

The next tip is that one should utilize the internet. The internet is a huge source of knowledge, and one can literally find everything over it. In the same way, one can find the many articles written on how to play checkers online or the rules, the extra tips, and many more. The key takeaway is that one should utilize everything available over the internet and take all the crucial points, which will help one win the game. 

Practice is the way

No one is born with any professionalism in the game: everyone learns how to play. Therefore if one has dreams to win the checkers online, one should start to practice. The website where one plays checkers will offer the practice modes. Although, the best way to get started is by going against real players. But, if one doesn’t have confidence and fear that one will lose against human players, one can start to play checkers online with bots. One can select the easy mode and start to practice all the way till one gains confidence. 

Don’t forget to memorize the sequences

Checkers is a game of brain. There are millions of patterns through which one can play a move. Therefore, it isn’t possible for any human to know all these patterns. But one can memorize a few basic patterns, which will help one in predicting the next move. These patterns are usually too common, and one will see them used in many places. These sequences are reappearing again and again over the board. Therefore if one catches the sequence before it has occurred, one can counter it easily. 

Always have control in the middle of the board

The checkers are the game of the board. The best way to win the checkers game is to gain control in the middle of the board. Therefore, even from the first move, one should always try to play moves which direct one in the center of the board. One can also use the reverse tactic where one can play the moves which divert the opponent in the corner of the board. Whichever way one wants, ensure that one has control over the center of the board. 

Never hesitate to sacrifice pieces

While one starts to play checkers online, one should never be soft. People often try to save all the pieces on the board, which starts to become the pain point later in the game. Whenever one starts to save the small pieces, the crucial pieces start to get targeted. Therefore, if a small piece’s life is on the line, sacrifice it as in many cases it will save the life of acrucial piece in the long run. 

Go offensive

Checkers is such a game where one gets alternative turns. Before one knows it, the opponents already take over the center of the board and have surrounded one from all directions. Therefore to avoid such conflict, one should always remember to go offensive right from the beginning. Make silent moves that will confuse the opponent but will help one to make different strategies. 

Split up the enemy

There are mainly two tactics involve when one starts to play checkers online. One can make one position strong, which will help one gain all the control on the board and gives one some lease on making one or two bad moves. The next tactic is weakening the enemy’s position. It is better to split the enemy up before they gain their strong position. Weakening the enemy makes one position strong at the end. 

Always keep the flow up

There are many times where the user and opponent are skilled enough and keep the game alive till the last moment. Therefore if one ends up in such a situation, one should always know how to keep up with the flow of the game. It is usually the critical part of the game where one wrong move can cost one the game. 

Don’t be in a hurry for crowning

Another rookie mistake people make is going after crowning too early. Crowning is an effective thing in the late game. But many people even show their intent that they want to crown from the very first move. One should always play the game safely, make one’s position strong and then only go for crowning. If one does the opposite, the opponent will take advantage of it and crown before.