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Tips to prepare for class 5 Maths Olympiad

IMO, also known as International Mathematics Olympiad, are held by many organisations throughout India. These exams are held annually like any other competitive exam. In India, one of the most prestigious organisations- The Indian Talent Olympiad, works with all the schools in India to select the students who are worthy of having the opportunities that come with scoring high in the IMO exam. This exam is held across all the boards in India, including CBSE, ICSE, state boards, etc. Class 5 students who have a keen interest in mathematics and want to become successful in future are drawn to participate in this tough exam. This exam has grown popular because so many of the students are performing outstandingly.

It is a well-known fact that Olympiad exams engage students to imbibe the habit of using individual approaches towards different questions. The analytical abilities that are used to answer the questions asked in the Olympiad exams will benefit pupils throughout all future competitive tests. Olympiad tests are said to be all-encompassing and include accurate data. However, ranking among the toppers can be pretty difficult for students who are not well prepared or are under-confident with their knowledge about the syllabus. Including a study planner in their daily routine specifically for IMO preparation and practising question papers such as IMO Maths Olympiad Previous Year Question Paper Class 5 2014 will assist the students in scoring high marks in their exam. This article will discuss tips that the students of class 5 can use for their preparation.

Know the IMO paper pattern

Students can study, organise, and implement tactics more quickly if they understand the structure of the questionnaire that can be asked in the IMO exam. They can put their set syllabus into practice using various ways and approaches. It is critical to comprehend the precise meaning of certain questions. Students who struggle with numbers should concentrate on the areas that carry the most weight. By understanding the paper pattern, they will be able to choose what to study, how to study, what to focus on, and which chapters are the most important.

Study the complete syllabus

The most crucial stage is to be familiar with the syllabus. Before beginning to study for the test, students should review the syllabus to determine which topics they will need to cover to plan their study approach properly. The IMO exam tests students’ knowledge of the basics and how the students put it to use by using different, innovative approaches towards different kinds of problems. Therefore, it is necessary that all the participants are well aware of the complete syllabus and at least know what theorems and derivations are covered in their curriculum.

Plan Study schedule

The students will next construct a study timetable that will allow them to know what they need to study the following day because everything will be arranged ahead of time. Because it is pre-planned, a timetable will ensure that pupils do not miss any crucial concepts. This schedule will allow students to study more efficiently while also ensuring that all-important topics are given equal attention.

Have good study material

To effectively finish learning all the important concepts and topics that must be grasped, students require good study material that follows the same curriculum as the IMO. Students will get high grades in their examinations and boost their academic performance with the use of valuable and informative study material. Such resources are essential for improving students’ learning.

Take notes

Throughout the study sessions, students should make notes about all the points they deem to be important and need to be remembered. Formulae, theorems, derivations, diagrams, graphs and important charts can be noted down with summarised information. These notes will help the students to revise. It will boost their speed and efficiency.

Practise as many problems as possible

The most effective technique of reinforcing a new math concept is to use it in various situations. IMO questions frequently need the selection and use of methodologies that students have never considered, much less learnt to utilise. Hence, practising problems from IMO approved reference books, sample papers, and previous year’s question papers will allow students to realise the questions that can be asked during their IMO exam and prepare accordingly.

Work on weaknesses

Once students understand the areas which they find more difficult to understand, they need to work on them more specifically. Working on their weaknesses will boost their confidence as only the easy part will be left afterwards. They will increase their chances of scoring high marks in the Olympiad exam by practising problems that they find more challenging.

Test their progress

Regularly revising and revisiting the topics they have already studied will help the students to retain everything they have learnt. Practising and revisiting the problems they find difficult and working their way towards improving their errors will make them ready for giving the Olympiad exam. During this process, students can also get their doubts cleared by their teachers if they have any. The notes they made during self-study sessions can now be used to go over all the important and relevant points that are needed to be remembered by them.

Time management

Students tend to make silly mistakes and errors when under pressure; this can lead to them losing marks. Hence, working on efficient time management is necessary for these students. Practising mock tests and trying to solve them within a certain amount of time will help the students increase their speed and their accuracy.

Stay healthy

Studying is important, but staying healthy should be a priority. Having a proper, well-balanced diet and enough sleep during their preparation will hold great value so that students do not overwork themselves. They require a clear and fresh mind which will help them to think more clearly. This will also improve their confidence and keep them motivated.


Students who want to have a decent approach for their Math Olympiad preparation can use the tactics listed above and stick to their study schedule to improve their chances of passing the IMO exam. It’s also important to have good study materials and practise regularly in this combination. Even though IMO might be challenging, with the right training, anyone can succeed in this pursuit.