Delivery Man Job Details

A delivery man is primarily responsible for delivering a product or service directly to the customer. Currently, the expansion of internet-based shopping and home delivery services has created a huge demand for this profession in urban areas of the country.

What kind of work does a delivery man do?

Collecting parcels or packages from the organization;
Delivering parcels or packages by finding the customer’s address;
Contacting the customer before delivery if necessary;
Taking payment from the customer if the price of the product or service has not been paid in advance;
Taking the customer’s signature on the required documents after delivery of the product or service;
Reporting product or service delivery to the company.
What are the qualifications of a delivery man?
Educational Qualification: Usually 8th class – HSC pass. University students can also get opportunities for part-time jobs. However, graduation may be sought in international standard institutions.

Age: Minimum 18 years of age.

Special Conditions: Male candidates are usually mentioned in the recruitment notice of Delivery Man.

A personal driving license is required for delivery by motorcycle/car.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a delivery man need to have?

Cycling / motorcycle / driving skills;
Hard work mentality;
Being able to speak politely and politely to the customer;
Smartphone map usage skills.

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