Driver Jobs In Bangladesh 2020

There are different types of jobs in Bangladesh to choose from. The transport industry is one of the most sought after jobs in Bangladesh. Different companies, big and small, are always hiring drivers. There are always vacancies in this sector, because the rate of job change is very high. Drivers often change from one company to another. How much you expect to earn as a bus driver or taxi driver depends on your employer, your scheduled working hours, and the area in which you are driving. Among the types of jobs available in Dhaka, the transport industry has the most opportunities. You do not have to spend a lot of time to complete the training you need to get a job in a place where employers want licensed and trained drivers. Driver Jobs is very easy to start a career as a driver because it is not difficult to get a job in any of the vacancies.

Taxi driver

This is one of the most popular transportation jobs in Bangladesh. If you have a license, someone to recommend and a little experience, then you do not have to worry about getting a job in any taxi service company. And if you don’t have a license, you need to apply for it and get the proper training and registration. The cost will depend on which city you are in. Another important thing is that you need to know about the roads in the city, because the roads are your place of work. Smaller company taxis do not have a GPS system because they are more expensive. Easy To Start Driver Jobs.

Bus driver

Living in Bangladesh is an extraordinary public transport. As a result, there is a huge demand for bus driving jobs. However, bus drivers must have special training in addition to a general license. Before applying for a bus driving job, you need to find out what special qualities you need to have in the field of bus driving in your city. As with taxi driving, as with bus driving, your income will depend on which company you are working for. You can earn a lot more by running a city bus than you would be running a local school bus.


Getting a job as a mechanic is relatively more difficult than getting a job as a driver, as it requires a lot of education and training. However, mechanics make significantly more money than drivers because it is a highly skilled profession. If you have successfully completed training from a school of instrumentation training required for this profession, many companies will be looking for you to hire them.

Driver Income

Many people want to take driving as a profession, but many people do not know how to earn a living. In this regard, the driver of a private car Zakir Hossain said, the salary of a driver of a private car is 12 thousand to 15 thousand Taka. At the beginning of joining a job as a driver in a private company, the salary is 18 thousand to 20 thousand Taka. It is possible to earn good money in the driving profession in the country as well as abroad. One Bangladeshi expatriate in Saudi said. Lalon Mia said, part-time driving abroad earns about 40,000 to 50,000 Taka per month Driver Jobs. Many Bangladeshi people are now going abroad and taking driving as a profession. There are also two Eid bonuses a year, monthly contracts, salary increases, etc.

Where to learn driving

Addresses of some public and private driving training institutes are given: Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA): Section 13, Mirpur. Dhaka 1215

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