Fireman Job Details

What kind of organization or industry does a fireman work in?

At present, with the increase in the number of large residential establishments, satellite cities, industrial plants, those organizations employ their own firefighters or firemen to ensure safety. Firemen are also kept in the army through separate appointments.

What kind of work does a fireman do?

A fireman is basically his own firefighter employed in a large organization. In the event of a fire in the premises, a fireman tries to control the fire as much as possible before the fire service arrives. A fireman tries to extinguish a fire with fire extinguishing gas or reserved water. Immediately ensure the safe position of the trapped people. In addition to fire accidents, a fireman works in any type of accident in the organization. Firemen also work as security guards in many organizations.

What are the qualifications of a fireman?

To work as a fireman in a private company, one has to pass a medium or equivalent examination. However, if someone is experienced and trained from the Fire Service and Civil Defense, the educational qualifications are relaxed. Retired firefighters from the Fire Service and Civil Defense are preferred in most organizations. If you want to work as a fireman, you have to be hardworking, diligent, and in good health. It is advisable to show courage in this profession.

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