Interview 10 mistakes: which to avoid

Good performance in the interview greatly increases your chances of getting a job or work. Again the interview brings wrong results. You can avoid these mistakes if you are a little careful.

  1. Being late: Being on the interview board on time is a sign of your punctuality. This is why being late can give you a negative impression of the interviewer at first. Try to start the journey with a little time on hand, so that you can be present on the interview board before the scheduled time.
  2. Not wearing proper clothes: It is very important to wear proper and elegant clothes during the interview. If you don’t wear the right clothes, you will fail to develop a confident attitude, which will reveal your weakness throughout the interview.
  3. Gestures: An important aspect of the interview is to maintain an elegant, polite, and humble disposition. Your movements and gestures during the interview must be smooth and amicable. Therefore, no gestures can be made during the interview that is eye-catching and rude.
  4. Not answering the question correctly or mumbling: As a candidate during the Q&A session, you have to answer all the questions firmly. Your answer should be clear, fluent, and reasonable. Muttering or not being able to explain clearly when answering can put you behind other candidates.
  5. Avoiding questions: The questioner’s questions should never be avoided. Try to answer all the questions. As much as you have an idea about the question, say it fluently and clearly. If you don’t know the answer to a question at all, answer “Sorry, I don’t know” or “Sorry, I don’t know”.

6.Condemnation of current or previous job: Under no circumstances should the current or previous job or employer be denounced during the interview. Rather mention a reasonable reason to leave the job.

7.Showing extra confidence: As a candidate, you must show a confident and strong personality on the interview board. However, it is not desirable to show extra confidence under any circumstances. This may give you a negative impression of the questioner.

8. Lying or giving false information: It is foolish to lie about one’s experience, qualifications, personal matters, etc. on the interview board. Giving wrong information about these things can tarnish your image later on. There is also the possibility of losing a job in severe cases.

  1. Repeated apologies: Frequent use of the word “sorry” or “sorry” during the interview can have a negative impact on your overall evaluation and acceptance. Repeatedly apologizing for a lack of experience or qualifications will also be a barrier to expressing your strong personality.
  2. Not paying attention to the questioner’s words or stopping him in the middle of speaking: The questioner may get annoyed if he does not listen to the questioner or stops him from speaking During the interview, a candidate should listen carefully to all the questions of the questioner and answer after he has finished his speech.