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A journalist mainly works for newspapers, magazines, radio, television and web portals, collecting news, writing news and columns, editing, refining, serving and collecting pictures. There are many job opportunities for journalists at different levels in our country. As the field of journalism is quite large, many people pay attention to certain sections. For example, sports journalists only deal with sports issues.

Print and Online Media: At present in our country, about 32 daily newspapers and 4 recognized online news portals are being published daily in Bengali and English. These have great opportunities for journalism.

Among the news agencies, you can get the job of editor, deputy editor, or columnist in the state-owned Bangladesh Sangbad Sangstha and the privately run United News Agency.

TV and Radio: 3 government and about 22 private TV channels are being broadcast in Bangladesh. There are fields of work as photographers, reporters, presenters, editors, producers, newsroom controllers.

Apart from the state-owned Bangladesh Betar, a total of 26 FM radios have been licensed and given frequencies in the private sector. In addition to mainstream journalism, many people are already working in various positions including newsreaders, presenters, editors, and reporters.

Others: There are mass communication officers in many governments and private offices. They do printing, publishing, marketing, and communication work. There are also job opportunities for journalists in advertising agencies and film departments.

Many do freelancing without working for a specific organization.

What kind of work does a journalist do?

The type of work of a journalist varies according to the type of organization. But there are some common tasks by any means. E.g.

Collecting news;
Verifying the veracity of the news;
Edit news
Interviewing people if necessary;
Create special reports;
Writing and sorting columns;
Analyze data and data;
Collect the necessary pictures.
Since the media has a direct impact on the lives of ordinary people, it is one of the most important responsibilities of a journalist to provide objective news. It is also advisable to protect the privacy of the informant in publishing sensitive news.

What can a journalist’s career look like?

What a journalist’s career will look like depends on the organization and the work.

In the case of newspapers or magazines, usually, your career as a reporter will start. You will get the post of permanent reporter based on the quality of work in 2-3 years. Then you can get sub-editing work in any specific section. At the highest level of his career, a journalist was the editor-in-chief of the whole newspaper.

You can start your career as a reporter or newsreader/presenter in the field of television channels and radio. Later, he is likely to be promoted to other senior positions including editor, producer, newsroom controller.

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