Flight attendant Details

A flight attendant or cabin crew serves passengers before and during the flight of a commercial aircraft. In addition to earning a good living in this profession, there are opportunities to travel around the country and abroad.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a flight attendant need to have?

Stress management skills;
Present problem-solving skills;
Good communication skills in English;
Being able to ensure passenger service with patience.
What is the monthly income of a flight attendant?
At the entry-level, the average monthly income of a flight attendant is Rs 50,000. However, there is a separate honorarium on the number of flights.

What can a flight attendant’s career look like?

The promotion of a flight attendant depends on his skills. At the beginning of the recruitment, you can go from economy class to business class or first class to senior flight attendant or check supervisor or in-flight manager. In this case, the number of your flights and the review of senior officers will play an important role.

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