IT Manager Job Details

At present, almost all organizations have jobs related to information technology or IT. In many institutions, separate departments are also kept for these works. An IT manager is responsible for the overall management of any IT related project. The demand for this profession is especially noticeable in banking, import-export, outsourcing firms, and technology companies.

Where does an IT manager work?

In government organizations or projects, such as government website management, maintenance, and data management; In non-governmental organizations, such as NGOs in the areas of website management, maintenance, and data management; In banking and financial services institutions; In IT service providers; In an outsourcing firm.

What kind of work does an IT manager do?

Keep existing software systems in operation;
Developing existing applications and projects;
Creating system records and documentation and keeping records;
Ensuring the security of the entire system of the organization;
Working with automation configurations;
Coordinate IT, team programmers and engineers;
Provide IT training to officers and employees engaged in the workplace.
What kind of qualifications does an IT manager need to have?
Educational Qualifications: Generally, a bachelor’s degree in Information Technology, Computer Science and Engineering or Communication Engineering is required to work as an IT Manager. In addition, if you have a course on management or an MBA degree, you will get special benefits in the job field.

Age: The age limit is determined by the organization. You must be at least 25 years old.

Experience: Experienced people are predominant in this profession. Usually, 2-3 years of experience comes in handy.

What kind of skills and knowledge does an IT manager need to have?

The concept of system management;
Database management skills;
Knowledge of cybersecurity;
Ability to create detailed project hardware and software plans;
Be able to budget for IT projects;
The idea of ​​creating IT reports;
IT teaching skills;
Being able to lead the project team;
Time management
Be able to effectively communicate with members and clients involved in the project.
An IT project manager needs to know about computer hardware and software. Must have good knowledge about data and data management, practical knowledge about different programming languages, cybersecurity, network experience, and practical ideas. Keep yourself updated with the ever-changing information sector.

Where to study IT management?

There are opportunities to obtain undergraduate and postgraduate degrees in information technology in different universities of Bangladesh. E.g.

University of Dhaka
Jahangirnagar University
Bangladesh University of Professionals
University of Information Technology and Sciences
BRAC University
Independent University, Bangladesh
State University of Bangladesh
Most public and private universities in Bangladesh offer bachelor’s degrees in computer science and engineering.

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