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Network Engineer

Network Engineer Job Details

Networking is one of the top occupations in the world today. This era is largely dependent on communication and information technology. This profession is very useful for building a successful and secure career. A huge amount of work can be done quickly in a very short time through a networking system. As a result, apart …

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IT Manager

IT Manager Job Details

At present, almost all organizations have jobs related to information technology or IT. In many institutions, separate departments are also kept for these works. An IT manager is responsible for the overall management of any IT related project. The demand for this profession is especially noticeable in banking, import-export, outsourcing firms, and technology companies. Where …

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Computer Operator

Computer Operator Job Details

A computer operator or data entry operator performs various types of data entry using the software. In addition to the job under the organization, there is an opportunity to earn at home by freelancing in this profession. Where does a computer operator work? In government institutions, where data entry work is available;In banks, insurance, and …

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Data Entry

Data Entry job in Bangladesh

Data Entry & Outsourcing is a potential source of foreign exchange earnings using the benefits of technology at home in this age of information technology triumph. Outsourcing work is available from websites like, Odesk, Elance, etc. In the last few years, a large section of the young population has been bringing foreign exchange to …

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