Fire Engineer

A fire engineer is hired to work on the factory’s firefighting system, fire resistance capabilities and safety design. Although it is a very common career as a public, the post of fire engineer is quite new for Bangladesh. Due to the very low standard of protection required for the workers in the factories, the Alliance and Accord, a foreign organization, emerged in Bangladesh to employ fire engineers to design the safety of the factories.

Where does a fire engineer work?

A fire engineer is usually seen in the following organizations –

  1. Establishment of factory fire extinguishing system, fire resistance capability and safety design.
  2. Factories are organizations that work to ensure the safety and protection of workers by complying with international labor laws.

Examples of such organizations in Bangladesh are Accord and Alliance. In addition, various organizations help various industries to build factory structures to strengthen the security system.

What kind of work does a fire engineer do?

  1. Design and planning of fire extinguishing systems for new and old factories.
  2. Notice the safety and structural design of the old factory.
  3. To check whether the factory has the necessary equipment and measures for the safety of the workers.
  4. Inform the international buyers about any irregularities and inadequate security measures and recommend revocation of the organization’s license. If necessary, a fire engineer can make recommendations and work to ban the company in the international market.
  5. The security system and structure of the factory building have to be designed.

. Regular factory safety records are to be kept. Workers need to be monitored regularly to see if they are being discriminated against.

. A fire engineer has to inspect the factory equipment and see if it is environmentally friendly.

. After an accident, the cause has to be investigated and necessary plans have to be made to avoid accidents in the future.

What are the qualifications of a fire engineer?

  1. If you want to work as a fire engineer, you have to have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering.
  2. Previous experience in hiring is not usually mandatory. However, people with 1 to 2 years of experience are usually preferred in recruitment.
  3. The age limit for recruitment is usually 25 to 30 years.
  4. In this case, there is no obligation to recruit men or women.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a fire engineer need to have?

  1. Must have thorough knowledge of firefighting, fire prevention and design and structure of factory safety systems.
  2. You need to know the work of different software including AutoCAD, Matlab.
  3. Must have basic knowledge of mechanics and clear idea about it.
  4. It is important to have a deep idea about factory work and other necessary equipment including machinery.
  5. Must have the necessary knowledge about international labor law and foreign building codes.

. Must have a thorough understanding of the international standards of industry and the availability of necessary equipment.

. You need to have a good idea of ​​the type of accidents that can happen in a factory.

What can a career as a fire engineer look like?

A fire engineer can usually be promoted to the position of senior fire engineer and later to the position of manager.

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