Makeup Artist Job Details

A makeup artist uses the skills of the industry and makeup to make the beauty of the model more attractive. Their work is usually supervised by a photographer or fashion designer. Makeup artists have special roles in film, theater, television, and commercial establishments.

Where does a makeup artist work?

What kind of work does a makeup artist do?

The main responsibility of a makeup artist is to enhance the beauty and physical features of the model using makeup. Model skin ready for makeup removal and makeup. Apply different makeup products. Prepare the model according to the character of the script.

What kind of knowledge and skills does a makeup artist need to have?

  • Artistic skills Improved taste Skill in using makeup Fashion designing Ability to select and verify characters.

What are the fields of work and opportunities for a makeup artist?

At present, the demand for makeup artists in various film industries, media and parlors in the country and abroad is increasing day by day. In addition to full-time work, there are opportunities for part-time work in these places. Therefore, the opportunities and field of work as a makeup artist is increasing day by day.

What are the educational qualifications of a makeup artist?

A makeup artist can master makeup skills by joining any drama group / group. If he wants, he can come to the profession by doing Honors, short term course in Cosmetology, Film and Media and Fashion Designing from a recognized institute by the Government of Bangladesh.

  • Jatiya Kabi Kazi
  • Nazrul Islam University
  • University of Dhaka
  • University of Chittagong
  • Rajshahi University

There is also an opportunity to come to this profession by taking training in different training centers

Where to learn?

Nathional poet Kazi Nazrul studied Cosmetology from Islam University Different stage drama groups such as folk drama troupe, Aranyak, theater art unit “Cosmetology” from an accredited institution by the Government of Bangladesh Doing short term courses from various private institutions

What is the monthly income of a makeup artist?

He started with a salary of ৮ 18,000-22,500 according to the ninth grade scale of the makeup artist of the government television and radio program in Bangladesh. In the private sector, the salary of a makeup artist varies, depending on the popularity and the type of work.

What can be the career of a makeup artist?

The work of a makeup artist at the beginning of a career has to gain a lot of momentum in most cases to gain popularity. However, if you work honestly, there is an opportunity to earn good income and reputation in a few years by bringing good and timely work with professionalism and efficiency and keeping pace with modernity. If you have work experience, you can earn lakhs of rupees by working as a film industry and parlor makeup artist in the country and abroad due to your skills and qualifications.

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