Cricket coach

There is no end to the craze for cricket in Bangladesh. The number of people who want to build a career in cricket is not small. However, due to some physical disability and other problems, it is not possible for many to build a successful career as a cricketer. In that case, the way is always open for people who want to work with cricket to build a career as a cricket coach.

Where does a cricket coach work?

If you want to work as a cricket coach, you can usually get a job in the following organizations –

Bangladesh Institute of Sports Education (BKSP);
Various private cricket educational institutions;
Cricket club;
Cricket training institutes that operate from an early stage.
The workload and the type of work may be the same in different organizations. However, those who want to work in this industry are usually more interested in working as a coach in BKSP.

What kind of work does a cricket coach do?
When hired as a coach, you usually have to take care of all aspects of training. Here are some things to look for when selecting a cricket coach:

Fixing a daily or weekly diet for those who are being trained;
To give a student an idea of ​​the type of work he wants to do and to teach him different techniques. For example, if someone is a fast bowler, then the job of a cricket coach will be to teach him different techniques of fast bowling. In this case, the technique is talking about what kind of technique can be shown with the ball;
If you are a cricket coach then your responsibility is not limited to just teaching bowling or batting techniques. Since a bowler or batsman has to be on a very busy schedule and work hard in professional cricket, it has an adverse effect on his body. In this case, it is the responsibility of a cricket coach to know and teach the techniques or methods that can be used to avoid common injuries or physical problems;

Remember that most of the people who come to train with cricket coaches one day dream of playing for the national team. In this case, even if everyone’s expectations are not met, it is the moral responsibility of a cricket coach to teach him so that there is no shortage;
It is the responsibility of a cricket coach to impart knowledge of various cricketing tactics, fielding, ball movement, batting stance, pinch hits to the students.
Enhancing team mentality and students ’physical abilities as well as mental skills.

What are the qualifications of a cricket coach?

  1. Minimum bachelor’s degree in any subject
  2. Diploma degree in related subjects such as cricket coaching
  3. The training was given by Bangladesh Cricket Board to make cricket coaches. In that case, if there is a license or degree of coaching, the candidates are preferred
  4. In some cases, a diploma degree is not required. In that case, five things apply –
    A) Must be a former or current player of the national team
    B) National team coach
    C) Degree in Coaching from any recognized institution
    D) 5 years of practical experience in cricket training in a recognized institution
    E) Won medals in international competitions
    F) Certificate or licensed in any coaching course offered by an international organization
  5. The maximum age limit is 40 years
    . In this case, women are usually recruited to train women and men are recruited to train men.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a cricket coach need to have?

Must have a thorough knowledge of cricket;
Success depends on your personal intentions and abilities. So in terms of training, you can teach as many techniques and techniques as you like. For those who are generally strategically good, the next career path is open;
Batsmen need to have a deep understanding of footwork and how to deal with second, googly, or reverse swing balls;
In the case of bowler training, you need to know how to catch the ball, doosra, googly, reverse swing delivery;
The emphasis in cricket today is especially on Twenty20 cricket to teach slogs. In that case, having a thorough knowledge of slugging can be quite convenient for you.