News presenter

News presenters or presenters usually work on television channels or radio stations. If your accent is beautiful and if you want to do relatively convenient work on television channels or radio stations then news presenter may be the career of choice for you.

At present there are 26 private television channels and 27 private radio stations in the country. Among the private television channels, ATN News, Independent TV and News24 broadcast only news-based special programs 24 hours a day. So these 3 channels have created a lot of job opportunities.

For those who are reluctant to come in front of the camera, working on a radio station is relatively convenient.

What kind of work does a news presenter do?

Arrange submitted news;
Creating scripts based on submitted news;
Fluently present the script floating on the front screen during the news to the viewers/listeners;
Dealing with unwanted situations (e.g., any kind of mechanical error) by maintaining as much normal speech as possible;
In the case of reporting, the report is prepared according to the format and instructions prescribed by the radio station or channel.
What kind of qualifications does a news presenter have to have?
One is usually looking for someone with a bachelor’s degree in mass communication and journalism. However, it is not mandatory. You can get a job if you have a minimum bachelor’s degree and good presentation skills.

Experience in recruitment varies according to the station / channel. Preference will be given if you have 1-2 years of presentation experience.

Various news presentation course institutes offer courses for this profession. Courses can help you get a job.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a news presenter need to have?

Beautiful accent; Clear and interesting pronunciation; Ability to speak Bengali and English; Fluent presentation and communication skills; Ability to write news scripts in simple language and according to the importance of the news; Having a good idea about various contemporary issues; Ability to handle unwanted situations. Where to learn news presentation? In Bangladesh, a number of institutes offer courses on news presentation. Such as:

What can be the career of an auditor?

You will start your career in a government organization as an Audit Officer (Assistant Accountant General in the case of BCS) or Accountant. There is an opportunity to be promoted up to the Auditor General.

In the case of non-governmental organizations, you can be the Chief Auditor at the highest level of your career. Besides, it is possible to earn good money by opening a private consultancy firm.

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