Construction Manager

A construction manager directly oversees the progress of various types of infrastructural construction, from general building to bridges.

There are job opportunities in various public and private projects in this profession. E.g.

Bridge construction
Construction of power plants
Road repair and construction
What kind of work does a construction manager do?
Oversee the overall construction work;
See if they work is progressing according to the design;
Ensure that pre-determined monthly targets are met for construction work;
Inquire about the facilities and problems of construction project staff;
To determine and supervise the work of the team of civil engineers engaged in the project;
Inspecting and accounting for construction materials (such as rods, cement, and bricks);
Make all calculations of construction costs;
Regular reporting to the project manager.
What are the qualifications of a construction manager?
Educational Qualifications: Bachelor’s or Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering is generally considered as a primary qualification. However, this condition may be different in work and organization. For example, in the construction of power plants, someone who has studied electrical engineering is hired.

Experience: The subject matter of experience is entirely organization and project dependent. Looking for people with 5-10 years of experience in small organizations or projects. In the case of large organizations, 15-20 years of experience may be required. It is usually important to have 5-10 years of experience on average.

What kind of skills and knowledge does a construction manager need?

Communication skills
Personnel management
Budget and time management
Ability to verify the quality of construction materials
In terms of technical knowledge, you need to be proficient in computer modeling and design software. E.g.

AutoCAD Civil 3D
Besides, it is necessary to have a good idea about the general rules applicable in Bangladesh in the field of infrastructural construction.

What is the monthly income of a construction manager?

Salary is paid in this profession on the basis of organization and work. For example, working in a small-sized contractor can earn an average of – 40,000- ৳ 50,000. Again, in the case of large organizations and projects, it is possible to earn an average of ৳ 60,000 to lakhs of rupees.

What can a construction manager’s career look like?

Entry-level is more likely to start a career as an engineer. For example, you have to work for a few years as a civil engineer in real estate. After that, you can be appointed as Assistant Construction or Site Manager for 1-2 years. It is possible to get the post of Construction Manager or Project Manager directly after getting a promotion.

At the highest level of your career you can get the position of Chief Engineer of any organization or project.