Chartered Accountant

CA or Chartered Accountant is a completely professional course. CA is very popular as a profession all over the world. Chartered accountants are involved in managing money and providing financial advice. They verify the financial transaction records of each organization in accordance with the law and conduct audits of the company.

A chartered accountant at a glance

General Designation: Manager or Assistant Manager after completing CA. Finance and Accounting Executive X when partially completed
Category: Business and Monitoring
Types of Institutions: There is a demand for chartered accountants in almost all institutions starting from domestic and foreign banks, insurance, business establishments, NGOs.
Career type: Full time
Level: Mid

Experience Limit: In addition to studying for a CA course, you need to have work experience or articles in a registered CA firm. This period is 4 years for higher secondary and equivalent degree holders, but if you have this grade in at least 3 subjects in this level examination of English medium, the article period is 3 and a half years. 3 years for undergraduate degree holders and 2 years if ACMA / FCMA or ACCA / FCCA courses are completed. Holders of these degrees do not even need to take Professional Exam-1. A CA degree holder is experienced enough, even if he or she does not have much experience for entry-level posts. (Source: The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Bangladesh)

Possible Salary Range: Depending on the organization. If it is partially completed, the monthly salary is usually 30-60 thousand rupees. When completed, it is possible to get from Rs 60,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh per month.
Possible age limit: Institutional. Usually sought within 25-35 years.
Key Skills: Accounting, Audit, Financial Administration, Financial Management, Tax & Corporate Law, Office Management, Market Character, Import-Export & Policy
Special Skills: Must have the good economic analytical ability, have good communication skills, be proficient in general computer applications, be very hardworking, have the mentality to work in harmony with the whole team.

In which type of organization does a chartered accountant work?

There is a demand for chartered accountants in domestic and foreign banks, insurance, financial institutions, NGOs, consultancy firms, business establishments everywhere. Chartered Accountants work at all levels in a chartered accountant firm. There is also the opportunity to open a CA firm on your own initiative. However, many conditions exist and a lot of experience is required. Although it is very challenging, it has the freedom to work.

What kind of work does a chartered accountant do?

Interpretation of accounts, supervision, control, and organization of income and expenditure. Compile daily, monthly, and annual account management;
Remuneration and salary distribution;
To work on tax management and verify the impact of taxes if the structure of the organization changes;
Audit to verify that the internal management practices and records of the organization are correct;
Create and control the organization’s budget;
Collect information from all parts of the organization, analyze past and present financial situation, critique and analyze for the future;
Advising on corporate law relating to the structure and structure of the company, loan repayment, and finances;
Providing stock pricing, capital issue, mergers, and acquisitions;
Provide business advice on expansion, profit analysis, profit growth, joint venture programs.

What are the job fields and opportunities of a chartered accountant?

Chartered Accountants are appointed in every large organization to keep the accounts clean. Chartered Accountants have the opportunity to build careers in reputed companies at home and abroad. Bangladesh Bank, HSBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank employ a large number of CAs. In addition, chartered accountants work in other public-private banks, insurance, financial institutions, business organizations. There are job opportunities in a total of 180 registered firms located in Dhaka, Khulna, Chittagong, Sylhet. Chartered accountants work as tax auditors in government offices to audit taxpayers’ accounts. According to an estimate released by ICAB, as of July 1, 2017, there are 963 Fellow CA members in Bangladesh. And there are 610 associate CA members. And there are more than 25 thousand registered students.

What is the monthly income of a chartered accountant?

From the time of articles, a student receives a monthly scholarship from ICAB. 3 thousand in the first year, 3 and a half thousand in the second year, 4 thousand in the 3rd year, and 4 thousand in the 4th year. Only at the end of the articles is one called CA (CC). As a CA (CC) it is possible to earn 30-60 thousand rupees per month. For example, Mc-Nails Bangladesh will give preference to CA-CCs for the position of Executive Accountant and the salary will be tk30,000 per month. In a multinational company like Unilever, the salary for an assistant manager is tk 60,000 per month. One can apply for this position as a CA (CC). After completing the CA course, it is possible to earn tk 80,000 to tk1.5 lakh per month as a chartered accountant.

What can a chartered accountant’s career look like?

CA courses have the opportunity to learn accounting, accounting hands-on. It can be said that this is a practical lesson. That is why a CA degree holder is far ahead of others in his career. The path from an executive to a top position in an organization is long. But within a few years, a student became a CA certified and directly joined the policy-making position of the institution. There is also the opportunity to build a career independently by opening a private chartered accountant firm and a consultancy firm. In this case, you will not work under anyone but on the contrary, you will create employment for others. However, this requires several years of work experience.