Lab Assistant (Educational Institution)

A lab assistant examines the lab’s scientific and medical laboratories, collects samples, and cleans lab equipment after testing.

General Designation: Lab Assistant (Educational Institution)

Category: Laboratories

  • Where does a lab assistant work?
  • Educational Institutions
  • Lab

What does a lab assistant do?

To provide ideas to the students of the educational institution about the samples and to assist in identifying the research process and samples
Creating samples for testing using different types of laboratory equipment
Prepare and maintain appropriate laboratory records.
Label samples properly stored and distribute them in appropriate sections
What are the qualifications of a lab assistant?

Diploma or equivalent degree in the relevant subject
Ability to organize work
Effective communication skills, both orally and in writing
Able to understand complex instructions easily
Able to maintain and maintain strict levels of confidentiality regarding laboratory results and records
Excellent computer skills.

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