Risk Management Analyst

A risk management analyst plays a key role in achieving the success of various sectors or organizations in the industrial, commercial, government and private sectors by analyzing the potential risk areas of the asset in detail. They analyze a variety of data to predict future risks, as well as provide advance ideas about the company’s various costs and help make decisions.

General Title: Risk Management Analyst

Category: Risk Management

Type of organization: government, private firm / company, freelancing, others

Career type: Part-time, full-time

Level: Entry, Mid

Experience limit: work and organization dependent

Possible Salary Limit: ৳ 22,500 – Depending on work, organization and experience

Possible age limit: workable

Key Skills: Strong numerical analysis ability and strategic risk assessment and solution skills

Special skills: Ability to explain complex problems and technically present information clearly.

What kind of organization does a risk management analyst work for?

What kind of work does a risk management analyst do?

Working with traders to calculate transaction-related risks. Monitor market trends and predict risks. Consider the proposed decisions of businessmen or project managers. Determine the severity of the risk and provide advice for project management. Review legal documents. Provide insurance advice. Protecting the assets and public image of the organization. Ability to create contingency plans to deal with emergencies. Trying to identify and solve problems through theoretical and participatory processes.

What kind of qualifications does a risk management analyst have?

If you want to be a risk management analyst, you have to be a minimum graduate. Graduates of any subject can come to this profession. However, graduates in Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Risk Management and Statistics are preferred.

What kind of knowledge and skills does a risk management analyst need to have?

Ability to work with people of all levels. Planning, organizational skills, and problem-solving ability. Ability to work with numerical data, analytical skills Ability to provide risk advice to high-profile employees and board members of the company in a diplomatic manner. Integrity and prudence in handling all types of confidential information The mentality of working in a team Creative and innovative ability Interest in working with stress and risk

Where to learn the job of a risk management analyst?

Graduates in Accounting, Economics, Engineering, Finance, Mathematics, Risk Management, Economics, and Statistics can enter the profession from any university recognized by the Government of Bangladesh. Notable among these are:

  • University of Dhaka
  • University of Chittagong
  • University of Rajshahi etc.

What is the monthly income of a risk management analyst?

The monthly income of a risk management analyst may vary from organization to organization. However, according to the national eighth grade, there is an opportunity to come to the profession at the beginning of the work at 822500- ৳ 25000.

What can career as a risk management analyst look like?

The demand for a risk management analyst is very high at present. Risk management analysts are working in all types of government and non-government organizations, NGOs, bank insurance corporations, bank multinational cooperatives, and international organizations. It is also possible to earn a lot of reputation and money in this profession as the job opportunities in various government projects have increased a lot.