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Bd Job You must know about the top 9 professions of this time, especially young boys and girls. Because a good professional can change your whole life, and keep you happy. Therefore, details should be known. Choosing the best career for life is not easy. On the other hand, a good professional will bring you a lot of success. To establish a good career, you must know about the best professions and you can easily select the profession of your choice from there. So let’s find out,


This engineering profession is one of the most important professions in society. As much as this profession has respect, there are many more opportunities. People in this profession work as the builders of a society. And that’s why this profession is so popular.

  • Entry Requirements: Must have BSc or equivalent degree in Civil Engineering / Mechanical Engineering from any recognized University
  • Salary: Monthly salary is 3500-37000 Tk.


As Bangladesh is a country with a large population, the government as well as the private sector is working to spread education. Private schools have been established in the private sector as well as private enterprises. After completing higher education, teaching in these schools is an interesting profession for the youth.

  • Entry Requirements: Must have a deep knowledge of the subject that a teacher will.
  • Salary: Initially the salary is 10-15 thousand rupees depending on the institution. In these establishments, salaries depend largely on workload. In many institutions extra money is available for extra classes/responsibilities.


Describe: In the present era, young women are becoming interested in various media-based professions. Basically, their path is to introduce their inner being to the nation and the country. He wants to discover himself as a new entity. This new type of profession has also become much more popular now.

  •   Entry Requirements: There is no need For Any study.
  • Salary: This is not a salary system.


Medical is one of the most sought after professions in our country. According to the policy of Bangladesh Ministry of Health, Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (M.B.B.S.) degree holders can use the title of Doctor. This degree is just the beginning of the medical profession. That’s why most MBBS doctors hold a higher degree in any particular aspect of medical science. Such as: Medicine, Neurology, Gynecology, Oncology, Gastrology, Cardiology, etc.

  • Entry Requirements: To become a medical officer, you must pass a 5-year MBBS degree from a college approved by the Bangladesh Medical and Dental Council
  • salary: Approx ৳15000 – ৳55000

5.Bank job

Better salaries, social respect, job security, and faster career opportunities – jobs in the banking sector are now attractive to the younger generation of Bangladesh. With the economic growth of the country, the number of banks is increasing. There is a huge demand for skilled manpower in these banks. Any eligible candidates who have recently graduated can come to the bank service. Find out about the entry-level recruitment of different banks including Bangladesh Bank. Bd Job

  • Entry Requirements: Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can take the Bankers’ Selection Committee exam. However, at least one of the secondary school certificate or equivalent and above level examinations must have a first division/class. Note that at no stage is a third category or class acceptable.
  •  Salary: Approx 30000 To 55000

4.It specialist

 Many people want to make a career in the IT sector in our country. But it’s harsh to see exactly the way to harden it. the rationale is that the range of labor during this sector is large. Moreover, computer and internet-based work isn’t limited to any specific sector. Therefore, the list of skills and competencies required within the field of labor is additionally different. However, it’s possible to induce a preliminary idea providing the work of making software or application is taken into account.

  •  Entry requirement: Having experience and skills is more important than degree and certification for system or application development. Therefore, if you have your own project or GitHub Repository (GitHub Repository) will come in handy when getting a job.
  • Salary: Generally, it is possible to enter the entry-level with a monthly salary of Rs. With 1-2 years of experience, the average income limit is ৳ 55,000 – ৳ 75,000. 3-5 years skilled and experienced engineers can earn more than 1 lakh.


This profession is much more popular with today’s children. And in this profession, boys are now progressing along with boys. Every profession works as a nation, as a country. And so is the profession. This profession protects the values ​​of a country. That is why the profession is so dear to children. Bd Job

 2.Army Job

At present, the first rank you get when you join the Bangladesh Army as a commissioned officer is Lieutenant. However, getting a commission is very difficult. After passing the Inter-Services Selection Board (ISSB) examination to become an Army officer, after receiving almost 5 years of training at Bangladesh Military Academy (BMA), it is possible for you to earn a respectable lieutenant rank by earning a commission.

  • Entry Requirements: Must be at least HSC side. A minimum GPA of 4.5 is required in one of the secondary and higher secondary and GPA of 5 in the other.
  • Salary: According to the 7th pay scale, the basic salary of a lieutenant is ৳ 23,500.

1.Bangladesh Pilot

A pilot usually operates various passenger or cargo flights, large and small. An aircraft usually requires two types of pilot captain and co-pilot. They work with the airline’s main controls, contact with the air traffic control room, and provide passenger and crew instructions. However, the type of the work of pilots in the Air Force is different.

  • Entry Requirements: After completing the course from a recognized Aviation Institute, you will need to get a license. To be a pilot, you must pass a high school with a mathematics and physics degree from the science department.
  • Salary: There are opportunities to make interesting money in this profession. In the context of Bangladesh, the monthly income of a co-pilot in a domestic airline can be anywhere from 75000TK to 100000TK or more. In the international field, the income is more.

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