Capital market analyst

In today’s age of capitalist economy in Bangladesh, the work of a capital market analyst is extensive. A capital market analyst works on a comprehensive market strategy by researching the present and future of the economy.

General Title: Capital Market Analyst

Category: Capital Markets

Type of organization: Usually private firm / company

Career type: Full-time

Level: Entry / Mid

Experience limit: Generally 1/2 year experience is required

Possible salary limit: 30,000 to one lakh rupees

Possible age limit: 30 years

Key Skills: Ability to provide business solutions, ability to give strategic direction to clients.

Special skills: being able to build collaborative relationships, the ability to think creatively.

In what type of industry does a capital market analyst work? A capital market analyst usually works in a variety of investment management firms, equity management firms, or asset management companies. What kind of work does a capital market analyst do? A capital market analyst makes a company attractive to investors. The main task of this post is to analyze the present and future of the market through financial research. Only a capital market analyst can predict the fall of a share price through stock market analysis. What are the qualifications of a Capital Market Analyst? To build a career as a social capital market analyst, you must have a bachelor’s degree in a subject like finance, business, or accounting. However, a master’s degree is also sought in many places. Must have good knowledge about the capital market. You also need to know English well to communicate with customers. What kind of skills and knowledge does a capital market analyst need to have? – Must have a good command of the English language. – Must have skills in proper planning, development, and target estimation. – Advertising planning is required to expand the company’s products or services. – Must have the ability to do market research. – Must have knowledge of analytical software.

– Clients need to have skills in asset management.