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A fund manager is responsible for overseeing the finances of an organization and monitoring all economic activities. A fund manager works in various government and non-government organizations, companies, banks, savings schemes, business organizations, NGOs.

What kind of organization does a fund manager work for?

• Group of Companies
• In Banks and Insurance Corporations
• Government and non-government organizations
• Multinational Cooperative Society
• Debt service providers
• International aid agencies

What kind of work does a fund manager do?

 Reporting funds to the chairman of the organization and keeping in touch with all members of the organization.
 Organize and prepare agendas and papers for Board Meetings, Committees and Annual General Meetings (AGMs).
 Finding the field of investment
 Agree with various organizations, collect information and prepare reports, liaise with relevant organization partners to confirm decisions.
 Monitoring all economic activities of the organization.
 Trying to identify and solve problems through theoretical and participatory processes

What are the qualifications of a fund manager?

If you want to be a fund manager, you have to be a minimum graduate. Bachelor’s degree holders in any subject can come to Apache. However, graduates of CA, Accounting and Finance, Business, Management and Law are preferred in some institutions.

What kind of knowledge and skills does a fund manager need to have?

 Under the proper supervision of financial funds
 Ability to work with numerical data, analysis and problem solving skills
 Good management skills
 Eligibility to provide support to the company’s high profile staff and board members in a diplomatic manner.
 Integrity and prudence in handling all types of confidential information
 The mentality of working in a team
 Creative and innovative ability
 Interest in working with stress and risk

What is the monthly income of a fund manager?

The monthly income of a fund manager may vary from organization to organization, but is usually ৳ 8,100,000 – ৳ 250,000.

What can be the career of a fund manager?

The demand and respect of a fund manager are much higher. It is possible to be promoted to CEO by using the experience, skills, and honesty of doing good work in the profession, as well as the possibility of improved income.

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