Auditor Job Details

An auditor works to ensure that the financial activities of an organization are carried out in accordance with government regulations and the organization’s own rules.

Where does an auditor work?

All financial institutions, such as banks and insurance companies
Government institutions and departments
Private industrial establishments and investment firms
Consultancy firm.

What kind of work does an auditor do?

To ensure that financial activities are conducted in accordance with government regulations and the organization’s own rule
Verification and selection of documents related to various financial transactions including bill-vouchers;
Keep a detailed account of the financial transactions of the organization and prepare a report based on it;
Inform the authorities if there is a financial error in the organization and take necessary steps to correct the error;
Advising the authorities to improve the financial activities control system of the organization;
To co-operate in any investigation of the audit of the organization.

What are the qualifications of an auditor?

Usually, you need to pass a Master’s or MBA degree with Honors in Accounting or Finance. It is possible to work in this profession even after completing ACCA.

What kind of skills and knowledge does an auditor need to have?

The ability to perform the mathematical calculations required for audit;
Statistical knowledge;
Analytical capabilities;
Proficiency in accounting and data analysis software, including Microsoft Excel;
Ability to cope with stress;
The ability to focus on the details;
Possessing prudence and tactful attitude.

Where to learn to audit?

You can study auditing in the accounting/finance department of any recognized university in the country.

What is the monthly income of an auditor?

According to the national salary scale, the monthly salary of an auditor is ৳ 12,500 – ৳ 30,230. On the other hand, you can earn an average of ৳ 20,000 – ৳ 25,000 at the entry-level in a private company.

What can be the career of an auditor?

You will start your career in a government organization as an Audit Officer (Assistant Accountant General in the case of BCS) or Accountant. There is an opportunity to be promoted up to the Auditor General.

In the case of non-governmental organizations, you can be the Chief Auditor at the highest level of your career. Besides, it is possible to earn good money by opening a private consultancy firm.

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