Jobs in the banking sector are such

Good salary, social respect, job security and fast career opportunities – all in all, jobs in the banking sector are now very attractive to the younger generation in Bangladesh. The number of banks is increasing in line with the economic growth of the country. There is a huge demand for skilled manpower in these banks. Any eligible candidate who has just graduated can come to the bank job. Find out about the entry-level recruitment of different banks including Bangladesh Bank. The entry-level job of Bangladesh Bank was initially appointed as Assistant Director. You have to pass a very competitive exam for this position. Holders of 4-year bachelor’s degree in any subject can apply for this post. However, at any stage of education life, if the result is in the third category, you cannot apply. In addition, separate job advertisements are given for technical posts. The monthly salary of an assistant director of a bank in Bangladesh is about 40,000 rupees. The maximum age limit for application is 30 years. However, the limit for freedom fighter quota beneficiaries is 32 years.

Entry-level jobs in state-owned banks

The Bankers’ Selection Committee (BSC) appoints first and second class officers of 14 state-owned banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh. The recruitment process usually involves a comprehensive examination for vacant posts in a few banks and appointments are made according to merit.

Anyone with a bachelor’s degree can take the Bankers’ Selection Committee exam. However, at least one of the secondary school certificate or equivalent and above level examinations must have a first division / class. Note that third class is not acceptable at any stage.

Supervisors, officers and senior posts are also appointed in state-owned banks. There are also special appointments in IT Specialists, Civil Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Accounting Branch. These recruits must have a degree in the relevant subject.

The maximum age limit for participation in all recruitment examinations of Bankers’ Selection Committee is 30 years and for freedom fighters quota beneficiaries it is 32 years.

Entry level jobs of private and foreign banks
Private and foreign banks in Bangladesh complete the recruitment process according to their own policies. However, most banks have some general rules.

If there is a vacancy in a particular post in the bank, job application is invited only for that position. However, in such appointments, job opportunities are not available in other departments.

Various banks initially hire Management Trainee Officers (M.T.Os) or Probationary Officers (P.O.s) with a view to creating skilled workers. In this case, there will be no specific position for you in the initial stage. After completion of appropriate training and probationary period, they are appointed as Senior Officers or Principal Officers in different departments as per their qualifications. Many of those who are currently managing directors in various banks started their careers in this process.

Usually during the training period of one year, a monthly salary of 30-50 thousand rupees is paid in Bangkok. Some banks also pay 60-70 thousand rupees monthly.

Graduates with good results in any subject can apply to private and foreign banks. However, MBA and Economics degree holders are slightly ahead of other candidates. Financial Analysis, Investment and Merchant Banking, International Trade, Managerial Economics, Budget Analysis, Capital Markets – these are preferred because they are studied. Students of Mathematics and Statistics in many positions also get special benefits. However, most employment opportunities, including human resource management and general banking, have equal opportunities for all students.

Private and foreign banks usually have a maximum age limit of 30 years.

Advantages and disadvantages in banking sector jobs

In addition to a good salary in a bank job, there are various benefits including 2 official allowances per year, dividend bonus, interest-free home loan, education loan for children. Besides, there is a standard of living in the society as well as job security.

There is a lot of work in the banking sector. A banker has to work tirelessly to achieve the targets set by the bank. The biggest problem with jobs in this sector is getting very few vacations.

If you want to build a secure career with a hardworking mentality, banking can be a good choice for you. The competition for the recruitment test of the banks is increasing day by day. So prepare yourself now to build a career in this sector.